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The Innovative Solution for Finding Documents and Data

The Brainup search with its semantic technology is much more efficient than anything else offered on the world market for search engines today.

As an intelligent "prompter", Brainup helps you to ask the right questions. How? Very easy! Brainup knows (without dictionaries!) all the words of your system - including the misspelled ones - and how words, sentences and paragraphs relate to your search.

You will receive a brilliant and efficient search result.

Simply consider Brainup as a lateral, high-speed and future thinker. Because Brainup combines inherent knowledge of data, documents and websites with the knowledge of their use - in the simplest manner.

With this solution, users get the full information potential of great amounts of data. The advantage: previously unrecognized links are more easily discovered, new knowledge optimizes the basis for decision making and business-relevant developments can eventually be assessed in a completely new way.

Brainup is just semantics!

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