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The Company

Brainup AG, based in Zurich with branch offices in Hamburg, La Jolla / USA and Shanghai, was founded by Michael Krause. The founder's numerous years of experience, in particular in the digital and physical storage of data and documents as well as intensive market studies have contributed significantly to the current solution of "Brainup Data Intelligence". The extensive experience of Michael Krause on the various issues in companies concerning "search & find", "unstructured data", "poorly recognized OCR" and "change of database structures" is the foundation of the Brainup idea.

Conventional search options are too slow and overburdened, so that semantic technologies are the only way to search the existing and future data sets efficiently and purposefully and to find data content at all. Brainup has been developed to face the information overload and the escalating amounts of data. Brainup users will always find their data.

About the Brainup technology

Brainup sets a new standard for semantic search systems.

  • Brainup recognizes the significance of words
  • Different spellings of the same word are detected, e.g. incorrectly recognized OCR
  • Latest semantic technology, language independent
  • The ai-one technology is virtually unrivaled in the search for data and documents
  • Support for migration of database systems

Brainup understands all your documents and data, creating genuine knowledge and it provides outstanding value while saving huge amounts of time and costs!