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Those who have a full desk usually have a computer filled with an abundance of files as well. We will unravel the chaos of data - with brainup!

With this innovative technology up to 5, 000 documents per workplace can be managed. brainup finds all links and relationships between keywords and text using a revolutionary method.

Where to find what?

brainup recognizes in which different applications / sites it should search - all relevant data on an issue can be found and duplicats are identified immediately.

Searching unstructured data

Quick screening for structures in unstructured data - so all documents can be assigned. Detection of filing structure and content means less time is necessary for the search and the quality of finding increases significantly.

Starting from a term entered, brainup immediately delivers five different results:

  • Phonetic similaritie
  • Completed terms
  • Sources / documents containing the terms
  • A word cloud, represented by relevance
  • Documents found


brainup can also correctly interpret and forward poorly registered OCR data using a sophisticated technology. A must if you want to finally use DMS systems efficiently and accurately.

Company-wide data view

brainup is the universal communicator in terms of data within an enterprise. Searching and linking of similar documents results in:

  • Consistent data view of both structured and unstructured data
  • Reducing the costs for archiving and data management
  • Searching text without the user having to know where to search
  • Search in unstructured datasets
  • Finding similar terms
  • Finding typos and the correct word by means of a misspelled word
  • Recognition of connections

With brainup you will find all documents ...
regardless of file names
and locations!

79.- CHF


brainup L


A maximum of 20,000 documents, max. 5 data spaces with each 450 MB

980.- CHF

brainup XL

brainup license to share and combine different data spaces

A maximum of 10 data spaces with max. 5,000 documents each

1980.- CHF