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brainup ai-agent

The brainup ai-agent is an intelligent scout, which on one hand allows finding information easily on websites and on the other hand allows monitoring websites according to specific key words.

The ai-agent-user can select a desired site and search it with the ai-search functionality: A pop-up window opens when entering a word and displays all associative and phonetically similar words to quickly get the right information.

Thus, information concerning competitors, shops or portals can be found efficiently and targeted on the internet. The contents of the selected websites will be updated periodically by the ai-agent. brainup "reads" all the information and thus can flexibly put them in the overall context when needed by an ai-agent order.

The brainup ai-agent can also be used as a learning tool for blogs.


  • Highly efficient monitoring tool
  • Specifically monitors information important for you
  • Notifies of changes on a competitor’s website immediately
  • Similarities of statements and phonetically related topics are found immediately and communicated


"ai-agent alert" is optionally available: the user defines the terms to which he or she wants to know any new information or changes in selected websites. The brainup ai-alert scans these websites daily and sends an e-mail to the user if news containing the keywords is published. The technology used also recognizes similar information and can thus react spontaneously.

5.000.- CHF per year 1000.- CHF (setup fee)


ai-agent alert

Enter up to 30 words that are searched semantically on a daily basis

500.- CHF per year

ai-agent users

5 additional users for ai-agent alert

400.- CHF per year