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brainup ai-search

Asking the right question!

A website visitor is not sure how to search your website. He or she simply types the first words that come to mind into the search box. The brainstorm cloud immediately shows additional - correct - terms related to the first input. The visitor can now specify the question and obtain correct results.

Search with misspellings

A website visitor searches a word and misspells it. The semantic search immediately shows the word written correctly and the user always finds what he or she is looking for. Even when giving incorrect inputs, such as "vacuum kleaner" instead of "vacuum cleaner", your visitor will never again have to read "no results found".

The ai-search is not to be confused with a Google search - ai-search uses no dictionaries and no "... did you mean ...", but uses a clever technology to find what your visitor is really looking for. Always!

Special features of the ai-search:

  • Web 3.0 functionality on your own website
  • Semantic search
  • Phonetically similar words are displayed immediately
  • Word completion
  • See all related keywords for a command
  • Weekly update of all the contents of a domain
    (up to max. 5,000 items such as text, tables, legends and documents)
  • Can easily be integrated into every existing website as an iFrame
1.500.- CHF per year 400.- CHF (setup fee)


ai-search pro

Semantic search on up to 5 additional URLs with max. 25,000 items

2.500.- CHF per year 1.000.- CHF (setup fee)

ai-search crawl

Extra daily crawls, plus 20 URLs each

500.- CHF per year