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brainup ai-cloud

The ai-cloud makes your website more interesting - even for search engines!

Enhancing attractiveness

The word cloud is updated daily. Therefore, additional traffic is automatically drawn to your website increasing e.g. Google search rankings. The cloud directly links to news sites - your website is directly connected with all major news platforms. brainup cloud shows the latest news and thus increases the attractiveness of every website. In the basic version - which is available free of charge - all current regional news will be displayed daily. In addition, the XL version will show the keywords of your website. A click on a word - and the information is there immediately!

Special features of ai-cloud:

  • Word cloud with news on your own website
  • The focus lies on news from your region
  • Keywords automatically in the news cloud
  • Direct link from news cloud words to augmented information
  • Daily update
  • Direct link between the website and all news platforms
  • Enhances attractiveness
  • Higher ranking in Google search results
  • Can be easily integrated as iFrame
  • Search engine friendly JavaScript

Due to the ai-cloud, your visitors are up-to-date everyday - and Google is even more interested in you!



brainup cloud XL

An up-to-date news cloud for your own domain (one URL) filled with max. 30 individually definable keywords for the semantic search on your website

180.- CHF per year 100.- CHF (setup fee)


News Pro

Creates an individual list of online media to be crawled.

50.- CHF


Connects the news keywords with the defined key words on your website

50.- CHF per year


Crawls your own domain (one URL) with up to 20,000 units and creates a keyword table

70.- CHF per year 50.- CHF (setup fee)