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brainup sdk

Develop individual applications using the knowledge of Brainup


The products and services by Brainup are based on years of experience and developments. For companies that want to increase the intelligence of their applications - and for whom our standard products are not sufficient - brainup sdk is now available.

brainup sdk is based on the ai-one basic technology. ai-one can recognize most divers associations and key words from any existing text, without any manual learning beforehand. Therefore, developers have the opportunity to connect semantic intelligence and learning commands to existing applications.

In addition to the ai-one functionality, methods developed by Brainup are also available.

brainup sdk is characterized as follows:

  • Software development kit with all text-based semantic functionalities for development companies
  • Can easily be integrated into existing environments
  • Application of lightweight ontology


Versatile benefits can be obtained from brainup sdk:

  • Extension of existing applications with intelligent algorithms
  • Individual customization of developed components
  • Render existing applications more adaptive or intelligent
  • Presentation of data to users in a new form
  • Use of basis for further analysis or knowledge generation

Scope of supply

brainup sdk includes three components:

  • Basic software development kit from ai-one
  • Code examples of partial applications
  • Brainup methods and procedures
25.000.- CHF 4.500.- CHF (annual maintenance)