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A clever combination.
The brainup technology.

As the first company worldwide, Brainup provides so-called "Lightweight Ontology" (LWO), a real working semantic search system. Based on these LWO's we have created a desktop search system, as well as intelligent services for websites.

"The head is round so that thoughts can change direction." Innovation is our driving force. With the new technology, we strike an intelligent path. This technology is revolutionizing the interactive communication between man and computer. More than that: Brainup is the first system that mimics human interaction itself in an organized manner. Thus, hidden knowledge can systematically be discovered. Similar to a conversation, inquiries or proposals are made.

An intelligent basis: Brainup relies on “Biologically Inspired Intelligence”. And for good reason. As in recent years, researchers have tried repeatedly to generate more information from data using artificial intelligence. With limited success. Public affects. In contrast to the systems of artificial intelligence, Brainup uses the left and right brain hemisphere, just as humans do:

Brainup is independent of formats and structures, and is used as an addition to existing systems. Existing archives or workflows can easily be integrated.


  • Brainup is based on the human way of thinking, not technical conditions!
  • Brainup can interpret poorly recognized OCR data correctly and forward them!
  • Brainup searches both structured and unstructured content!
  • Brainup harmonizes leading and competing systems!
  • Brainup can change structures live!
  • Contents or expressions that are similar are found quickly. Even if they come from different sources!

The Brainup technology thinks recursively, self-dynamic, self-organized, self-controlled and is capable of learning.